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Whether you’re in the middle of winter or the heat of summer is in full swing, you need your heating and cooling systems to work. A faulty or inefficient HVAC system can not only mean increased utility bills, but it could also be dangerous for you and your family, in instances like losing heating during a cold winter night. But for all those problems and more, Brennan’s Inc. is here to help. We are TSSA-certified (TSSA # 0076560960) to install a wide range of HVAC systems in Orillia, Simcoe Muskoka and surrounding areas. We can also provide service to your existing heating and cooling systems. Among the other HVAC services we offer, include:

  • Furnace and AC upgrades and repairs

  • Coil cleaning

  • Maintenance and checkups

  • Gas hookups

  • Humidifier installation

  • Air handling repairs

  • Pump repairs

  • And more!

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Considering a new heating or cooling system?

Consider this...

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Heating and cooling your home uses more energy than any other system in your home. Typically, 44% of your utility bill goes to heating and cooling.

Properly maintaining and upgrading your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems will increase your overall comfort and save you money. ECM motors are so efficient that they can provide as much as 25% savings on electricity use.


There are a variety of furnace systems on the market that range in price and capabilities. The efficiency of new furnaces is measured by the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), a measure of seasonal performance.

Furnaces today operate between approximately 78% AFUE and 95% AFUE. Traditional "power combustion" furnaces operate between 80% AFUE and 82% AFUE. Furnaces operating above 90% AFUE are classified as high efficiency. High efficiency furnaces are built to deal with condensation better than traditional systems, as they recapture some of the lost heat by condensing escaping water vapor. Factors we recommend considering when purchasing a new heating system are the following:

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  • Cost

  • Comfort

  • Reliability

  • Efficiency

  • Quiet operation


There are a variety of cooling systems available on the market today. The most common systems are central air systems. These systems require existing duct work throughout the house, a condensing unit installed outside of the home, and an evaporator coil installed in the duct work above the furnace. Central Air systems use the furnace blower motor to distribute the conditioned air throughout the home.

Air conditioners have a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) that range from 13 SEER to 21 SEER. Although there are numerous refrigerants available, Brennan's recommends choosing a unit that runs on 410A, as it is considered a more environmentally friendly refrigerant with zero ozone depletion.

Hydronic Floor Heating

We offer full-service design and installation of hydronic floor heating systems.

Custom Sheet Metal and Ductwork

Brennan's in-house custom sheet metal fabrication shop will create all ductwork, plenums and specialty connections required for retrofits, residential new construction and custom homes.

Considering a new water heater?

On-Demand Tankless Water Heater

On-demand water heaters provide hot water only as it is needed. They don't produce the standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters, which can save you money.

On-demand water heaters heat water directly without the use of a storage tank. Therefore, they avoid the standby heat losses associated with storage water heaters. When a hot water tap is turned on, cold water travels through a pipe into the unit. Either a gas burner or an electric element heats the water. As a result, on-demand water heaters deliver a constant supply of hot water. You don't need to wait for a storage tank to fill up with enough hot water. However, an on-demand water heater's output limits the flow rate.

Typically, on-demand water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 2 to 5 gallons (7.6 litres to 15.2 litres) per minute. Gas-fired on-demand water heaters produce higher flow rates than electric ones. Sometimes, however, even the largest, gas-fired model cannot supply enough hot water for simultaneous, multiple uses in large households. For example, taking a shower and running the dishwasher at the same time can stretch an on-demand water heater to its limit.

For homes that use 41 gallons (155 litres) or less of hot water daily, on-demand water heaters can be 24% to 34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tank water heaters. They can be 8% to 14% more energy efficient for homes that use a lot of hot water—around 86 gallons (325 litres) per day. It is important to note that although on-demand hot water tanks may consume less energy, they are limited in their capabilities to produce large quantities of hot water.

Conventional Storage Water Heaters

Conventional storage water heaters remain the most popular type of water heating system for the home. Essentially, there are two types, natural draft tanks (vented up a chimney) and power vented tanks (vented through a side wall).

How They Work

A single-family storage water heater offers a ready reservoir that can range from 20 gallons to 80 gallons (75 litres – 302 litres) of hot water. It operates by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. To replace that hot water, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, ensuring that the tank is always full. A gas burner under the tank or electric elements in the tank heats the water. A thermostat controls the gas valve or electric elements, shutting both down when the temperature rises to the set-point. Because water is constantly heated in the tank, energy can be wasted even when a hot water tap isn't running. This is called standby heat loss. Only tankless water heaters avoid standby heat losses.

Regardless of your system, Brennan’s highly qualified technicians are here to offer timely, reliable, efficient service. We also provide efficient fireplace installation as a heat source.



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